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White Full Height Hardwood DIY Shutters


Our made to measure wooden plantation shutters offer optimum light control, allowing the perfect amount of light into your room. Keep light to a minimum by closing all the louvres or enable light to flow freely through open louvres and panels.

Your choice of shutter style allows you to enhance your privacy without sacrificing natural light flow. Choose a café style shutter to enable privacy to the bottom half of the window whilst facilitating full light flow through the upper section.

Wooden shutters are the perfect way to regulate temperature, the insulation properties of a framed shutter create a barrier to the cool outside air entering the room through the window, whilst a white shutter reflects the heat from the sun’s rays in the warmer months.

Each Shutter is carefully handcrafted for you, enabling you to have an ultimately bespoke shutter. Choose from a variety of shutter styles, louvre profiles, slat sizes and a palette of on trend contemporary tones.

Wooden plantation shutters come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty against structural and hardware defects.

Real Wood Full Height Shutter Blinds Online In A Large Bay Window

Benefits Of Wooden Plantation Shutters


  • 12-16 week delivery 
  • Hardwearing and lightweight

  • Made to measure to the highest standard

  • Suitable for most window designs

  • Superior insulation values

  • 2 paint colour options

  • 5 year warranty

We Like To Keep It Simple With The 2 Best Selling Window Shutter Colours

Vivid White Shutter panels Online
Bright White
Silk White Shutter Oanel Online
Silk White

Tilt Rods

Clearview Tilt

The contemporary look.

The slats are connected at the rear by a discreet metal strip. You will hardly notice it is there.
Split tilt is available with clearview tilt.        This gives you the option to open higher or lower slats independently.                                                                                                          

Central Tilt Rod

The traditional look.

The slats are connected by a rod positioned in the centre of each panel. It is a feature of the shutters design.
If you are purchasing Full Height Plantation Shutters and would like the option to open and close higher and lower slats independently you will need to add a midrail.   


L Frame

The most popular frame.

This is an inside mount frame used for installing your shutters ANYWHERE inside the window recess.
This is the frame you should choose if installing your plantation shutters within bay windows.   

Z Frame

The traditional look.

This is an inside mount frame for installing your shutter at the FRONT of the recess.   
If you have a projecting windowsill do not forget to ask for a “Sill Cut”. We will remove the lip from the bottom frame. 


White Hinges

The most popular options and will match your paint colour.

The high quality hinges enable you to easily open and close your shutter panels.
One half is attached to the frame and the other half is attached to the door. 

Stainless Steel Hinges

A simple way to add a little contrast to your shutter design.

The high quality hinges enable you to easily open and close your shutter panels.
One half is attached to the frame and the other half is attached to the door. 



A midrail is a horizontal bar used to divide a plantation shutter panel in to sections or add stability to panels over 1700mm high. 

A midrail provides grater control of light an privacy. By dividing a shutter panel in to two sections you can control the slats in each section independently. 
You can allow plenty of light to poor in through the top section while preventing prying eyes peeking through the bottom section.  

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