Skylight Blinds

Creating large open plan home or work areas or adding an orangerie style garden room to increase living space is very on trend and the rooms look amazing. An excellent way to bring light into these spacious areas is to install 1 or more lanterns or skylights.

Along with the light that floods the room however you also have to endure the associated heat and glare that can be unbearable. In addition the unfiltered light can make viewing screens problematic while at night the new lantern or skylight can seem like a cold gaping black hole. 

Our zip skylight blinds can resolve all these issues. Whats more, they look amazing. 

With fabrics that range from sheer to blackout that are specifically designed to reduce, heat, glare and harmful UV rays you have complete control. 

Skylight blinds can be manufactured to fit almost any size, shape or angle of window and if we can install the Zip blind system there are no visible guide wires to spoil the design.

Plan Ahead
Skylight blinds can be installed when the project is completed but they are quite large so it is a lot better if we can help you plan them in to the design, even hiding the hardware inside the ceiling void so you do not see the blind until you close it. This is very straightforward and the blind is easily accessed should there be a need.

We will coordinate with the contractors on site at every stage and provide design drawings and wiring diagrams when required. All you have to worry about is the fabric choice. Read More »»»