Motorised Blinds And Curtains In Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Motorised Roller Blinds From Only £140.00 – including charger and remote.

Why Choose Motorised Blinds?

  • Child safe
  • Wire free
  • Lifts a blind measuring up to 8 sq/m
  • 4 hour recharge just twice a year
  • Smart home compatible “hey Alexa, close the blind”
  • Operate remotely from your smartphone or tablet
  • Quiet and smooth soft start and stop
  • Retro fit to existing blinds with a 32mm or 40mm tube
Motorised blind wall control

Battery Powered Blinds And Curtains

The battery blind motorisation systems available today are incredible. They are quiet, fast and run for long time between charges. Charging a motorised blind is as easy as charging a mobile phone. 

The beauty of battery operated motorised blinds and curtains is that they can be installed once a project has been completed. You also avoid the cost of an electrician. We can even easily retrofit motors to existing blinds.

The most popular product is battery motorised roller blinds and the motors are great. They are quiet, stylish and very easy to use via remote control, an app on you phone or via a smart speaker. 

Hardwired Blinds and Curtains

Connecting your curtains and blinds to your mains power supply is very convenient. Installing hardwired motorised blinds or curtain tracks means you do not need to recharge batteries (although this is only required a couple of times a year and is very easy). You are also future proofing your home for new technologies and innovation’s.

I can coordinate with your architect, designers, contractors and electricians. Providing drawings and wiring diagrams when required. Ensuring the correct power supply is installed exactly where it needs to be so that the final installation is seamless.

Let's talk about your blind motorisation needs