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Design Driven Soft Furnishings Require Planning.

So, your fantastic refurbishment, new build or interior design project is almost complete. After weeks, months or maybe even years of dreaming, planning, hard work and the occasional (or frequent) sleepless night the finishing line is in sight. The only thing left to install are the stunning, design driven soft furnishings. However you haven’t really considered the curtains, window blinds, skylight blinds and plantation yet. After all they are the last piece of the puzzle and you have had so many other things to organise.

It is right about now you realise you should have started planning for them a lot earlier, even at the design stage. There are several reasons for this.

Unplanned Design Driven Soft Furnishings

The current trend in architectural design is to build large open plan living and work spaces. To bring light in to these large rooms the projects include lots of windows and doors that go from floor to the ceiling. Additionally they include skylights and lanterns in the roof. These designs really look amazing.

But with all the stylish glazing however comes 6 unique problems.

  • Privacy. How can you make a room private without blocking the light?
  • Heat Gain. What do you do if the sun pouring through the glazing makes the room so hot it is unbearable? No amount of glass efficiency will prevent this.
  • Glare. It may be an amazing new television but only if you can see the picture clearly. You could give your guests sunglasses.
  • Harmful UV Rays. It is not just the flooring and furniture that is at risk. Don’t forget to hand out the sun cream along with the sunglasses.
  • Heat Loss. Is it possible to keep the heat out in the summer yet retain it in the winter?
  • The Black Hole. Large glass areas create gaping voids at night that can make it difficult to relax. How do you make a stylish room cosy in the evening?

With a little planning at the design stage these problems can all be easily overcome.

Design Driven Soft Furnishings. How do you add blinds to a floor to ceiling window?

Modern floor to ceiling glazing with Romo Group Fabric upholstery

Planned Design Driven Soft Furnishings

How do you integrate soft furnishings into the project without completely ruining the design?

By involving a design driven soft furnishings expert from the very beginning who will:

  • Help you choose the right curtains, window blinds, skylight blinds, plantation shutters and specialised fabrics that best meet the needs for each space.
  • Introduce concealment systems so the curtain and blind hardware are hidden in the building design yet easily accessible if required.
  • Advise on motorisation including audio visual and home hub interactivity. This means there are no cords getting in the way.
  • Coordinate with the architect, interior designer and on site contractors from the outset and at key stages of the project.
  • Install the soft furnishing within the agreed time frame.

Manufacturing Design Driven Soft Furnishings

As you will have discovered with other parts of the project, bespoke products take time to manufacture. Made to measure soft furnishings are no different. You should allow between 4 to 12 weeks depending on the product. If they are already in the plan however your supplier will be liaising with the on site contractors. The final surveys can be carried out at the earliest possible time, usually long before the project is completed. The curtains, window blinds, skylight blinds and shutters should then be delivered and installed within the agreed schedule.


Curtains, window blinds, skylight blinds and plantation shutters:

  • Look amazing – Design driven soft furnishings enhance the entire project.
  • Work off hardwired or battery operated motors.
  • Can be concealed in walls and ceilings using Blindspace.
  • Have audio visual or home hub connectivity.
  • Regulate room temperature in the summer and winter.
  • Improve sound quality by reducing internal as well as external noises.

Unfortunately its the end of the project and you have already spent a fortune on taps, plug sockets and door handles. Even the contingency fund has gone. As a result you are going to have to buy some cheap generic blinds online to put up at the windows.

Including the soft furnishings in your budget from the very beginning however allows you to install bespoke products that you really want. In addition to looking stunning they will meet your design and technical needs too.

Future Proofing

You may not think you need to have soft furnishings at certain windows or skylights. Planning for them at the design stage however will enable a simple installation and save you money should they be required at a later date. This especially applies to skylights and lanterns.

Plan Ahead

Yes soft furnishings are generally the last part of the project but they are a vital component of the design. In addition they create stunning living and work spaces that are comfortable places to use all year round.

If you use a Soft Furnishing Design company to plan your curtains, window blinds, skylight blinds and plantation shutters. An expert who can seamlessly coordinate this part of the project from the very beginning. The outcome will be Soft furnishings that perfectly compliment your style and decor, installed on time, within budget and enhance the overall project design because they have been planned from the very beginning.

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