Curtain and Blind Motorisation

Why Motorise Your Curtain And Blinds Systems? 
Simply put they:  

  • Child Safe
  • Look amazing
  • Work better
  • Last longer
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet
  • No unsightly cords
  • Convenient
  • Easily connect to your AV system or home Hub
  • Work off a timer
  • Interface with other home controls
  • Operate remotely
  • Close automatically on hot days
  • Not as expensive as you may think

Hardwired Curtains and Blinds
Connecting your curtains and blinds to your mains power supply is more convenient in the long run.
I will coordinate with your architect, designers, contractors and electricians. In addition provide drawings and wiring diagrams to ensure the correct power supply is installed exactly where it needs to be. The sooner you involve me in the project the more stunning the results.


Battery Powered Curtains And Blinds
The battery systems available today are incredible. They are quiet, fast and run for ages between charges which is as easy as charging a mobile phone. 

The beauty of battery operated curtains and blinds is that they can be installed once a project has been completed without much disruption.

Not all systems are battery operated so it is important to consult with us at the design stage. Read More »»»