Blind Concealment

Why Conceal Curtain Tracks and Blind Systems?
Design and quality are at the heart of everything we do and so curtain and blind concealment are intrinsic to what we do. The current trend in construction is to create open plan living and work spaces with large glazed windows and doors that often go right up to the ceiling. To allow further light to flood the room skylights and lanterns are also also installed. 

While these finished projects look amazing the last thing you want to do is spoil the design by installing a blind or curtain track right in front. 

With a little planning at the design stage we can hide the soft furnishings in the construction itself.

Blind Concealment and Blindspace™
You can conceal blinds inside the void of any type of door, window, gable or skylight.

The Blindspace™ and Reese™ concealment systems have been designed to be installed inside walls and ceilings. Once in place you can skim right up to them. The hinged covers can be attached after the blinds have been fitted and you simply paint over them along with the ceiling. You are left with a flush, minimalist look and a small channel for the blind to drop through. Blindspace™ can also be painted or powder coated to match your interior design. The covers can be stainless steel or timber faced if required.  Request More Information About Blindspace™ »»»

How We Work
A dedicated project manager will work closely with your architect, interior designer or contractors, detailing the correct Blindpace™ system for each blind or curtain. Providing them with design drawings, installation instructions and wiring diagrams. Coordinating with all trades for a smooth installation.

When the construction is complete each blind can be easily installed and hidden out of sight until you close them.

The easiest way to conceal a curtain or blind system is behind a pelmet. 

Most of ours are handmade which means that they are manufactured to the exact project requirements. We can also powder coat or paint them to any RAL colour to complement your decor. 

Pelmets can also be incorporated in to the construction design around the window and doors. We will coordinate with the contractors to ensure they are the perfect size and in the correct location, providing drawings where required along with wiring diagrams should motorisation also be incorporated into the design.


The sooner we can consult on a project the more seamless the installation and the more stunning the results.


Let's talk about your next project

Retrofitting curtains and blinds to a completed design can diminish the project. 

The sooner you share your vision with us the more stunning the outcome.